Upcoming webcast: The Rules of Requirements

Exploring the rules of requirements In order to optimize their requirements management process, companies must first understand the key components of requirements management. I recently came across (thanks Cindy F Solomon, for the invite!) a webcast, hosted by ProductMgmt Talk, … Read More

Managing multiple tasks and issues with easy viewing options

Why OneDesk makes managing multiple tasks and issues a breeze The beauty of using OneDesk is that it allows you to easily view all the tasks and issues you are assigned to, in one view. With OneDesk issues and tasks … Read More

Implement a worker driven planning approach

Adopting a bottom-up or worker-driven management style One of the most common styles adopted in project management is the bottom-up (also known as “worker-driven”) approach. This means that all project decisions and directions are established by top level executives. The … Read More

How product managers can boost morale & keep their team focused

In a perfect world, all projects would go smoothly with no hassles. All deadlines would be met every single time. All team members would be always 100 percent focused and aware of all project details. There would be no communication … Read More

Customer collaboration drives Black Friday

This Black Friday, try collaborating with customers It’s Black Friday and for many of us, this signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Companies are aggressively slashing their prices and rolling out the big red carpets for their beloved … Read More

Restricting private user data in OneDesk

We recently received a question from a customer who had concerns about protecting sensitive information to certain members in a project, for example private financial data. Realizing that many of you may be concerned about the same issue, we’re taking … Read More

Hasbro Shows Why Customer Feedback is Important

I previously wrote a post about the Tiger Bread Case, where a toddler wrote to a giant supermarket chain to voice her concern about the name used for a particular brand of bread. Now it seems the youngsters are at … Read More

The Social Product Development Debate

Tech4PD is a web show that focuses on technology for product development. In each episode, industry analysts Jim Brown (tech-clarity.com) and Chad Jackson (lifecycleinsights.com) hold a debate and present different views on a certain topic related to product development technologies. … Read More

OneDesk Tips: How to Export Requirements

To export requirements, you must first create requirements in a project, or just assign requirements to a project. How to export requirements Go to the project. (1) Go to the requirements application within the project. (2) Make sure you are … Read More

Scheduling software keeps you on track

Traditional scheduling software usually includes built-in leveling tools that enable you to re-distribute your assignments over time. OneDesk’s scheduling software is not only integrated with a full suite of product development tools but it also allows you to easily re-assign … Read More