Business Technology Software 2.0

In an era where superior customer service, high-level productivity, performance optimization and quick strategic planning are essential, many organizations are investing in new business technology software. Many businesses though, are reluctant to change. The use of new “2.0” business technology … Read More

Project tracking and red flags

Good project tracking: Continuously spotting red flags Throughout the course of our professional lives we experience different situations that help shape our decision-making abilities. The more we get involved in project management, the more we learn about the importance of … Read More

OneDesk’s Unique Requirements System

We often get asked, “what makes OneDesk’s requirements system unique?” Our requirements system is designed to work whichever type of workflow your company uses, no matter how simple or complex it is. Below are some examples of workflows which OneDesk’s … Read More

Productivity apps: Why OneDesk is different

OneDesk is more than just a productivity app- it`s a unified product platform. With an endless amount of productivity apps out there, how do you decide which one is right for you and your organization? Do you place more value on … Read More

OneDesk’s Project Monitoring Software

OneDesk’s project monitoring software is designed the change the way you keep track of your projects, tasks, issues, and even help desk tickets and feedback. All of OneDesk’s applications are connected and encompassed with a layer of social collaboration features … Read More

Structuring your project plan

When the project plan structure goes awry It’s the day before your big product release, the team is both excited and exhausted. Everything seems to be on track until you discover a whole list of project issues that have yet … Read More

The Microsoft Project Gantt Chart vs. OneDesk’s

In a previous blog post, we went over how to do a Gantt Chart in OneDesk. Since then, we’ve received a good question from some of our customers: How does OneDesk’s Gantt Chart compare to Microsoft Project Gantt Charts? The … Read More

Identify the Critical Path Method

The birth of the Critical Path Method Time for a little history lesson! Way back in 1957, a brilliant man by the name of Walker devised a project management strategy to address the complex task of scheduling the shutting down … Read More

A Quick Guide to Configuring OneDesk for Your Team Projects

All project managers have to go through the challenge of managing team projects from set-up to end, and ensure the whole team meets its goals. Many project managers have found that using collaboration software helps them get through the challenges. … Read More

International Project Management Day

In honor of this holiday, we have rounded up a few project management goodies for all you hard-working, tireless apprentice and project managers out there. 1. The Tao of PM Our first selection and one of my favourite project management … Read More