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Feedback methods and risk factors

Feedback methods: Some scary statistics In today’s dynamic and competitive markets, gaining deeper insight into customer problems, issues, and ideas are key factors in keeping businesses heads above the water. There is insurmountable evidence from case studies and surveys that … Continue Reading

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OneDesk’s Customers & Accounts Application

OneDesk’s Customers & Accounts application allows you to keep all information about your customers and their companies in one place. The customers & accounts can be accessed through the applications drop-down. The application is divided into two modes. In the … Continue Reading

Requirements Management

Requirements Management: Breaking it Down [INFOGRAPHIC]

What exactly is requirements management? Regardless of how you define it, one thing is very clear- without an effective requirements management process in place companies will fail to innovate and stand up to their competition. Consider the following statistics: Related … Continue Reading


Link Social Media and Get Interactive

Did you know that you can link social media accounts to OneDesk? This allows you to interact with with customers and future customers via OneDesk’s social media monitoring tool. When you link your Facebook or Twitter accounts to OneDesk and … Continue Reading

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Project planning process: Agile tips

How is your project planning process? You and your team are working on a large project and you have been asked to adopt an agile approach your project planning process. Let’s face it, many of us don’t have the time … Continue Reading


Using OneDesk’s Powerful Search Filters

One of OneDesk’s most powerful features is the ability to easily find what you are looking for by using the search filters. OneDesk’s search filters allow you to used a stacked filtering process and sort through a large number of … Continue Reading


Project Management Presentation up on Slideshare

Did you know that a whopping 21% of projects fail? Why? Blame, poor project management. We created this slide infographic with some alarming project management statistics. Our Project Management Presentation In this SlideShare presentation, we provide our readers with a … Continue Reading

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The Real-Time Request System

OneDesk’s request system which allows users request information from each other in real time.   When a OneDesk user sends you a request, you will receive the notification in your collaboration inbox, in the requests section. What types of requests … Continue Reading

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Product innovation articles worth a read

Product innovation articles: Our top 5 picks Has innovation thinking gone stale in your organization? I highly recommend checking out the following product innovation articles: 1. Most people, most of the time (the perfect crowd fallacy): I am a big … Continue Reading

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Using The New Customer Portal: A Guide for Customers

OneDesk’s customer portal allows you capture customer ideas, feedback, questions and compliments. Contrary to with traditional surveys, the customer portal allows your company to capture customer feedback without them falling through the cracks. When sent through the customer portal, submissions … Continue Reading