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How to get great product ideas from employees

Did you know that today is employee appreciation day? Here’s your chance to show your employees their real value in the organization. Employees are excellent sources of new product ideas. The reality is, organizations still fail to source internally generated … Continue Reading

Business Benefits of Product Management

The following is a guest post from Natalie Yan Chatonsky. Natalie is the Head of Consulting at Brainmates, a Sydney-based consulting agency that helps organisations boost the performance of their products and people. Connect with her on Twitter at @Brainmates. … Continue Reading


A Breakdown of OneDesk’s Administration Section

In the Administration section of OneDesk, you can set permissions for those in your organization, as well set preferences for the customer portal and the feedback you receive from customers. The Administration section can be found under your user menu. … Continue Reading

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How to keep your project teams motivated

Building project team morale: Lessons from the farm? As the saying goes, “happy cows make great cheese.” This is a concept that can definitely be applied to a project management setting: Happy employees deliver great project results. It’s important for … Continue Reading


New Facebook Theme for Customer Portal

OneDesk’s customer portal allows customers to provide feedback directly to your organization via your website, or a unique link. Once feedback is received, your organization can discuss the feedback internally, or with customers. You can also poll customers and ask … Continue Reading

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Week in review: Top 5 product management posts

On the OneDesk blog, we deliver and bring you the latest news and eye-catching content related to product innovation, product development and business for project and product professionals looking to gain tips and skills, keep up on trends in the … Continue Reading

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Top Five Causes of Failed Products

Too often, companies think they have thought of the next innovation that will revolutionize their industries, but turn out to be wrong. Last year, Sony thought they would revolutionize the portable tablet experience with the launch of Sony Tablet P. … Continue Reading


Issue tracking tools: Not just for software development

Though they have have become an integral part of software development, especially with the growing need to collaborate with geographically dispersed teams, issue tracking tools can be used in other areas which don’t deal with software specific projects. There are, … Continue Reading


Five Products That Failed in 2012

Last week, I wrote about some of the most successful product launches in 2012. Apple, Samsung and Activision were some of the companies that came up with innovative products that made their business skyrocket. However, some companies were not as … Continue Reading


Social business: Love your team

Social Business: All you need is love…and three other things There are many definitions of social business floating around the web, but at the end of the day creating a social business consists of three core elements: Collaboration Communication Integration … Continue Reading