We’ve been featured on EnterpriseApps Today!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been featured on EnterpriseApps Today! In his recently published review, OneDesk Has Centralized Collaboration, Social Media Monitoring, seasoned technology writer Paul Mah discusses some of the key components of OneDesk’s project management … Read More

IT Product Lifecycle Management with OneDesk

In my last blog post, I wrote about how you can use OneDesk for IT Product Management. I’d like to elaborate on how OneDesk can be used to track and manage the IT product lifecycle. Evidently, the IT product lifecycle … Read More

Customer service complaints demystified

Customer service complaints management in OneDesk

Software for IT Product Management

At OneDesk, we understand that IT product management is a world of its own. Like any regular product management department, those who work in IT product management spend their days are responsible for a variety of things. They research and … Read More

Customer questions: Answered

Turning customer questions into product gold OneDesk features a customer portal that enables you to capture customer questions, and a help desk module to organize and manage customer questions related to your products or services. These activities ensure the right … Read More

Project Requirements Software: Using OneDesk

A more effective way to manage project requirements With OneDesk, you can manage your project requirements in a whole new way. Capture, validate, trace and maintain your project requirements, all while closely collaborating with your team members. Then, analyze them … Read More

Customer support system- OneDesk

Building a better customer support system It is no secret that providing exceptional online customer support presents many challenges to businesses: Difficult to manage high volume of support inquiries through various different social channels Rapidly rising and shifting customer expectations. … Read More

OneDesk’s Bug Manager: What You Asked For

At OneDesk, we believe in listening to customers and always encourage organizations to do so. We take all customer feedback and ideas into consideration and do our best to provide the best customer experience based on the information we receive … Read More

Open business: McDonald’s gets it right

Food giant adopts an open business approach A few days ago, while browsing videos on our OneDesk YouTube page, I saw an ad for McDonald’s Canada new open business concept: A social media platform, called “Our Food. Your Questions,” that … Read More

How to track communication in organizations

Ways to track communication in OneDesk Many organizations are finding it challenging to track communication within the company. Any manager or project leader knows that in order to for projects to go smoothly, seamless communications is the key. Therefore, many … Read More