New product managers: Job interview tips

3 must reads for new product managers Three great articles to consult before going for that big job interview in the clustered world of product management. 1) Moving into a Product Role by Janna Bastow A clear overview of how … Read More

Popular ideas: Easily reveal what customers want most

Using OneDesk to easily reveal most popular ideas amongst customers It’s always interesting to find out what kinds of ideas customers have about your products, or which ones of your ideas customers like the most. Depending on how many customers … Read More

Customer Feedback: Turning it Into Product Gold Webinar

The world’s best products are driven by what the market demands. But how to harness customer insights and quickly translate them into well-defined and deliverable requirements? OneDesk’s Unified Product Platform makes it easy. New webinar: turning customer feedback into product … Read More

Managing customers through various feedback channels

Managing customers effectively in the era of engagement We are pleased to announce that OneDesk has been featured on The Social Customer today. In my article, Channeling The Social Customer, I discuss the importance of multi-channel customer feedback management as … Read More

OneDesk rolls out integrated worklogs to help manage workplace productivity (Press Release)

Latest release integrates automated worklogs for seamless, real-time project and productivity tracking MONTREAL, April 17, 2012 – OneDesk Inc., provider of the world’s first and only unified platform for product managers, innovators, engineers, marketers and support, is pleased to announce … Read More

Product Release Management with OneDesk

OneDesk comes built-in with useful product release management capabilities. In the top-level projects view, we see a nice visual lay out of all of our product releases. For instance what is illustrated below is version 1, 2, and 3 of … Read More

Tracking issues, tasks, and other items across projects

Tracking issues, tasks, and other items across projects We’ve heard your concerns, and are pleased to say we have acted on them. You’ve told us that tracking issues, tasks, feedback, requirements and any other item you are managing can be … Read More

Building product roadmaps with OneDesk

Building product roadmaps: There is an easier way Building product roadmaps, that are data-driven, is the key to tackling all of the challenges and managing expectations during the various stages of development. But, what does this all really mean? Essentially … Read More

Assigned Task-Tracking with OneDesk

Assigned task-tracking using the assignment scheduler OneDesk comes with an innovative Assignment Scheduler, which allows you to view and schedule resource workload over time and keep track of your entire team’s assigned tasks. With OneDesk’s Assignment Scheduler, you can also: … Read More

New product development insights: Interview with Boris Golden from Pealk

I recently spoke with Boris Golden, Lead Product Manager at Pealk, a great new product out of Paris, France that aims to dramatically simplify the way we engage with professionals on LinkedIn. Boris expressed an interest in OneDesk, specifically to … Read More