How to prioritize requirements with OneDesk

Whether you are developing a product or delivering a service, OneDesk puts you in control of your requirements. OneDesk’s requirements management application eases the requirements capturing, analysis and elaboration processes. Requirements can be defined from feedback and ideas in a … Read More

Ideas solutions for your entire team

Ideas solutions, features, and workflows the OneDesk way For those who want to have an easier time capturing, leveraging and managing ideas, OneDesk provides an effective ideas solutions that will drive the company to a leading edge. OneDesk’s ideas solutions … Read More

Task Service Management with OneDesk

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Help Desk Service Management with OneDesk

In this short video, we explore the various features and functions of OneDesk’s easy-to-use help desk service management application: Got questions about using OneDesk as a requirements gathering software? Ask away! Leave a comment below, or email us at hello(at)onedesk(dot)com.

Requirements gathering with OneDesk

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OneDesk’s HTML Feedback Form: Simple, anonymous and free

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Press Release: OneDesk Powers International Organization Focused on Distance Learning and Health

OneDesk Powers International Organization Focused on Distance Learning and Health LifeLearn puts social product development and collaboration to work for veterinarians in hard-hit regions MONTREAL, August 21, 2012 – OneDesk Inc. (, provider of the world’s first Unified social Product … Read More

Case Study: OneDesk and LifeLearn

Global Mission with a Local Focus We are pleased to announce that LifeLearn, a global leader in the development of leading-edge educational resources for life sciences professionals based at the prestigious Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, has … Read More

Workflow Management Just Got Easier

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OneDesk’s Unique Scheduling Tool

The assignment scheduler: A unique scheduling tool OneDesk’s built-in scheduling tool is designed to redefine the way organizations assign, schedule, and keep track of projects and tasks. The scheduling tool, known as the “assignment scheduler,” offers some capabilities that are … Read More