Task tool tip: Uploading CSV files

Task tool spotlight: Using the tools button to upload CSV files The “tools” button is one OneDesk’s most popular features. When it comes to managing projects and tasks, this task tool can save you many hours of work. Imagine needing … Read More

Social Media Trends – So long to sharing?

When everything we’re pushed to do revolves around sharing, consumers are becoming more aware that companies have a vested interest in encouraging them to do so. Is the general notion of sharing threatened with becoming obsolete? Social media trends – … Read More

Quality customer satisfaction and value

It is no secret that in today’s marketplace, nothing less than exceptional quality customer service will drive quality customer satisfaction. Innovative organizations know that they must go beyond meeting the needs of customers and provide high quality service that consistently … Read More

Innovation technology for your business

A common challenge many businesses face is finding a way to drive innovation throughout their organization, while facilitating their product innovation process. Yet, many are hesitant to incorporate the use of innovation technology within their organization as they fear a … Read More

Pragmatic Marketing goes Social: Competitive Landscape

Probably THE most important stage in any product-related research and analysis is the Competitive Landscape, and yet it’s very near limitless scope makes it a dangerously time-consuming and potentially paralyzing activity. In this, our next installament of OneDesk’s Pragmatic Marketing … Read More

Roadmap tools for dynamic product teams

Product roadmap tools: Your company’s crystal ball Good product roadmap tools allow key stakeholders to gain a multidimensional view into the future – it also helps them work with their data to predict the outcomes of their strategic product plans. … Read More

Onboarding SaaS Customers and Users

Onboarding SaaS customers and users: Important! For many SaaS vendors and software companies, onboarding customers can be challenging. The process of onboarding is most often underestimated; many SaaS vendors and software companies don’t realize how crucial it is to make … Read More

Manage product requirements effectively

Project and product managers responsible for developing and managing product requirements know how daunting and complex this process can be, especially in highly competitive markets. Many factors, including conflicting and changing customer demands, scope creep and budget issues, make it … Read More

FAQ about OneDesk’s Webinars

If you’ve been tuned in to our website or social media channels, you’ve surely heard about OneDesk’s Webinars. Here’s a little FAQ we’ve compiled based on your questions. If we missed anything, feel free to ask away! When are OneDesk’s … Read More

Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you!

Hold on to your lightsabers, Star Wars Day is upon us Alright folks, today is May the 4th, which means that it’s Star Wars Day! “Jedi-ism” may not be a concept that has has been widely used in the corporate … Read More