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Product roadmapping with OneDesk

Product roadmapping has never been easier Take advantage of powerful product roadmapping abilities.

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Gift ideas for Project Managers

I like this project management meme I found lurking around on the Internet. Having spoken to many project managers, I find the “what I really do” image humorous as it illustrates the way they often feel at the end of … Continue Reading

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Challenges in new product development

Understanding the challenges in new product development Being able to address challenges in new product development can really be the difference between long term prosperity and growth of successful organizations. Here at OneDesk we understand these challenges, and recognize their … Continue Reading

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Teams working remotely unified virtually

I came across this interesting blog post on TechBubbles. What caught my eye in this post were the statistics that prove that many employees are in favor of remote working. To quote from the post: “Research of 2,000 workers from … Continue Reading

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Wev’e been featured on Business 2 Community!

OneDesk featured on Business 2 Community! We are thrilled to share that we have been featured on Business 2 Community. My recently published article, Four Ways to Improve Customer Engagement in 2013 dishes up some helpful tips for you to … Continue Reading

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How to run a web-based survey of customers through OneDesk

With today’s extremely competitive corporate conditions, it’s no secret that providing quality customer experience is the key to keeping customers and gaining new ones, which leads to maximizing profit. That being said, surveying your customers is the best way for … Continue Reading

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Wev’e been featured on Software for Enterprise!

OneDesk featured on Software for Enterprise We are very happy to announce that we have been featured on Software for Enterprise. Our recently published article, Get Work Done with OneDesk, All-In-One Social Business Software by our resident know-it-all, Kimberley Chan, … Continue Reading

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Most searched words in 2012 – Google’s annual Zeitgeist report

Most searched words in 2012 show that the world is going social While trillions of worldwide searches were conducted on 2012’s most talked-about topics, including the London 2012 Olympics, the death of Whitney Houston, and viral pop-hit Gangnam Style, a … Continue Reading

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Do we really need product managers?

“Everyone is blissfully happy and nothing could be better.” That’s how Patrick Collison, co-founder of new Start-up, Stripe, describes their work environment. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


4 Tips for Using Enterprise Collaboration Tools Effectively

In a desperate rush to structure product or service-related conversations and get things done faster, more and more companies are turning to enterprise collaboration tools. However, many companies rush to implement collaboration tools without considering many important aspects and without … Continue Reading