All About Customer Organizations in OneDesk

In the most recent release of OneDesk we made big changes to Customer Organizations. Whereas prior to this release customer organizations were relatively simple groupings of customers, now they have become more sophisticated objects, with properties and features that will … Continue Reading

What’s new in the March 2020 release of OneDesk?

At OneDesk we continue to work hard to bring new features to the OneDesk platform. We have many more updates planned, so keep your suggestions coming. This post will give you an overview of the features of this new release, … Continue Reading

How a travel agency utilizes OneDesk’s ticketing system & helpdesk

About the Company Growing awareness of attraction centers around the world, faster and more reliable transport systems, and internet booking are some of the reasons for the booming Travel and Leisure Industry. Over the years, tour operators and travel companies … Continue Reading

How a real estate broker uses OneDesk to capture design request tickets

About the Company For project management, there are tons of software options available, some of which are too heavy-weight for teams tackling smaller, well-defined projects. When picking the right software for your team, one of the biggest challenges is striking … Continue Reading

Freshbooks Integration with OneDesk

Freshbooks Integration with OneDesk

Freshbooks Freshbooks is a cloud-based software that provides accounting services to its users. The application is geared towards small businesses and self-employed professionals, enabling them to track their financials by logging on to their accounts. At its core, Freshbooks is … Continue Reading

How a Mortgage Company Utilizes OneDesk’s CRM Features

About the Mortgage Company Mortgage like other financial services involves meticulous bookkeeping and outreach. Mortgage CRM tools and Automated Mortgage Marketing and Management tools are disrupting the mortgage market. The accelerated rise in automation and digitization in the mortgage process … Continue Reading

Dropbox Integration with OneDesk

Dropbox Integration with OneDesk

Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service that stores a variety of documents in one platform. What makes Dropbox unique is its ability to store large files in different formats without relying on disk space. Users can access data by … Continue Reading

Slack integration with HelpDesk

Slack Integration with OneDesk

Slack Slack is a cloud-based instant messaging platform that replaces internal communication overhead, such as emails, through chat rooms (known as channels). Each message is organized by topic, department, projects, private groups, and more into these channels enabling users to … Continue Reading

How a wifi service company utilizes OneDesk’s CRM features

There is no shortage of software positioned as being staples for the everyday business professional. From accounting to procurement to reporting, businesses need a variety of software to keep themselves running. Not only is it difficult sourcing all of the … Continue Reading

Integrate with Mailchimp

Quickly Build your Mailchimp Audience by Integrating OneDesk

Mailchimp is an end to end marketing platform that started as an email marketing tool alternative to the expensive email software in the early 2000s. The goal was to provide small businesses access to technological resources and tools to grow … Continue Reading