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Mailchimp is an end to end marketing platform that started as an email marketing tool alternative to the expensive email software in the early 2000s. The goal was to provide small businesses access to technological resources and tools to grow like their larger counterparts. Today, it has evolved into a robust customer relationship management system that understands patterns in customer data and uses that insight to target the appropriate audience. Through its behavioral targeting functionality, Mailchimp enables marketers to launch, build and measure campaigns across different social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, providing critical information on the targeted audience and ways to keep them engaged. Small businesses have a lot more to gain from this software. Through its branding and designing tools, users have access to custom domains, templates, and a customized website. All of which allows companies to build their brand image and attract more customers successfully.

OneDesk is a combination of HelpDesk and Project Management software that enables its end-users to manage multiple projects in one application. This cloud-based software reduces communication overhead and allows team members and customers to collaborate through a variety of communication channels: email, the customer portal, live chat, mobile app, and more in just one platform. As a result, team members can work together to accomplish tasks without creating task dependencies between different departments. Through its automated solution, OneDesk sends auto-response and notification emails, status updates, assigning tickets, and tasks to streamline workflow, creating a more organized and efficient step to project management.

Though both the applications have different functionalities, through the integration, they can streamline marketing processes and together serve as a solution to users.

Building an Extensive Mailing List

By integrating Mailchimp, users can capture OneDesk customers to their mailing lists. In OneDesk, customer requests come in as tickets, enabling the user to create a new client when they have a request or question via the live chat. New customers can also be added when customers sign up through the client portal or when they are added manually by a team member. This enables the marketing department to harness the benefits of both the applications to build a more extensive contact list and, in turn, create more personalized content that caters to their audience.

Manage Marketing Campaigns

Most companies launch multiple campaigns at the same time. To successfully run campaigns, specific tasks need to be assigned to team members to save more time and money. In this case, OneDesk can be used to divide the jobs to each individual and allow the manager to check the progress until the final product is ready. If tasks need to be shuffled to different team members, OneDesk enables the administrator to re-assign tasks among the team, helping to save unnecessary billing hours and manage the workload. When Mailchimp is linked to this process, the application provides the user with crucial information about customer behavior and ways to generate more customer-driven content. In doing so, marketers have the means to grab the attention of their niche audience through its targeted messaging.

Integrating OneDesk’s helpdesk and project management software with your Mailchimp account is easy. Just follow the steps or watch the video.

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