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You’ve probably noticed by now that most of the sites you surf on the web incite you to leave feedback and comments. Whether you are reading a blog, a news site, or a business’ website, chances are that most of the time, you will come across a “leave your feedback” button, a discussion forum, and options to share the link via various social media channels. As a reader, think about how many times you scroll down the feedback forum to read what others have to say about the piece or website. This often makes for a more enjoyable experience, for you may agree, or disagree with the feedback and comments others leave. Therefore, this probably incites you leave some of your own, to start a conversation, and hopefully convince the world to see things your way.

If you are a company owner, blogger, or even just a “Facebooker,” think about how excited you get when you receive a new feedback or comment on your product, company, blog post, or even on your most recent Facebook status. Learning about what others think, appreciate and wish you would improve on not only motivates you to keep satisfying your customers or audience, it also builds a sense of community.

Feedback and comments: Important for business innovation

From a business perspective, it’s logical to say that collecting feedback and comments from customers plays an important role in business innovation. The best products are made for the customers; a product’s effectiveness is based on the feedback and comments the customers leave, specifying what they like or dislike. According to Emergence Marketing , “involving the customer in product innovation is not an either or proposition – it is something that should always be done – but done in the right context. And when listening to customers companies need to realize that their mileage will vary depending on the type of product or the phase within the product life cycle.” They explain that while customer feedback and comments are always important, the degree that companies should take them into account depends on how much innovation can be built from the product. The best research and development procedures apply to “older” products that people already care about. Customers care less about new products; taking all customer feedback into account may be harmful.

Gathering feedback and comments with OneDesk

OneDesk makes it easy for companies to gather feedback and comments from customers, employees and partners. A customer feedback application is provided, along with discussion forums where all parties can collaborate, build a community and ignite innovation. Try today to start conversations with your customer community and spark innovative ideas.

feedback comments
Gathering feedback and comments through OneDesk’s discussion forum.

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