Business collaboration: Challenges

There is an ancient proverb that many refer to when identifying ineffective business collaboration and decision-making:

“A camel is a horse designed by a committee.”

In the ideation and innovation processes, a camel is produced instead of a horse! (I do not want to offend any camel enthusiasts. Quite frankly, I am not sure what the ancient philosophers had against camels.)

The emergence of business collaboration

Business collaboration is a market reality that many organizations struggle to get right. In the world of product development and service management, teams made up of stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and responsibilities are mandated with the daunting task of innovating products and processes. Some of these teams are large and often members work from geographically dispersed locations. Distance, diversity and large numbers become obstacles to business collaboration…and getting it right!

Buisness collaboration: Getting it right

In today’s highly competitive markets, organizations require virtual teams to work cohesively to accomplish common business goals, quickly and cost-efficiently. They also need effective ways to collaborate with other organizations, such as, leading innovators in other industries, suppliers, regulators, research institutions and customer communities.

The question is: How can all stakeholders (customers, business partners, and employees) efficiently collaborate in a manner that will produce optimal results, consistently?

The answer is through the use of social collaboration tools that connect stakeholders (regardless of distance, large numbers or diversity), and puts them on the same page, mutually working together to get the job done, faster and more efficiently.

OneDesk: Social tools for business collaboration

OneDesk offers several tightly integrated social collaboration tools that facilitate the idea and innovation process and ensure a smooth workflow between all team members. These tools are critical in creating structure, getting organized and ensuring group members are connected to the business process:

Social collaboration tools include:
– Chat
– Real-time collaborative editing
– Discussions
– Notifications and Alerts
– Personal and Corporate Blogs
– Email
– And much more…

Lean more about how these cutting edge social business applications will ensure you get the results you want.

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