requirements management

Challenges in managing business requirements

Managing business requirements is important for every company. It is a critical stage within product and service development as it serves to satisfy and retain customers. Managing business requirements can be challenging; misunderstandings can cause the product’s outcome to be the complete opposite of what customers requested. Requirements can change halfway though a project, or worse, arrive at the wrong time and be disregarded.

Managing business requirements with OneDesk

Clear and detailed business requirements are the key to delivering stellar products that customers are looking for. Here is a glimpse of how OneDesk makes the requirements management process easy and confusion-free.

Easily create your business requirements
business requirements - creating them
Requirements can either be created from scratch, or from existing feedback. You can also organize your requirements and create requirement trees to define parent and sub-requirements.

Link your business requirements to tasks and assign them to be worked on
Business requirements - link them to tasks
You can then link your requirements to tasks, or create tasks from your requirements. A cross-highlighting feature allows you to easily tell which requirements and tasks are linked. You can then easily assign them to be worked on using OneDesk’s comprehensive assignment scheduler

Prioritize and Analyze your business requirements
Business requirements - analyzing them
To be successful with limited resources, you must choose the right requirements to implement. OneDesk’s requirements analysis tool helps you to easily visualize and prioritize your requirements across several metrics, and allows you to make product decisions based on quantifiable, objective information rather than simply responding to the loudest voice.

Analyze your requirements based on:

  • Cost benefit analysis, which allows you to balance off the costs of implementing a requirement with an estimate of the revenue that awaits you if you do. Focus on the most profitable requirements, top-line revenue, or highest return on invested dollar.
  • Customer satisfaction analysis, which calculates the number of customer requirements you are satisfying, weighted by their priority.
  • Organization strategies analysis, which allows you to drive value to enterprise initiatives, by giving you a visual image of which requirements are aligned with your business strategies and goals.
  • Popularity Analysis, which uses the results of the community voting to rank a requirement. Quickly discover the most popular idea, most controversial, etc.
  • A Global Score for each requirement delivers a rolled up ranking based on the relative weighings you assign to each of the 4 analyses.

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