The term business software is a broad one. It generally refers to any software that helps a business increase productivity or measure their productivity. Of course, this definition does not fully clarify what a business software is, for every business has a different goal and depends on a different aspect to increase productivity. For some businesses, the main objective might be to attain the highest amount of profit possible. For others, the main goal of the company may mean producing the most popular product, or simply satisfying customers, regardless of profit. Thus, depending on the business goal, companies will use different business software to keep track of productivity. They may use budget software, customer relationship management software, product lifecycle management software, or most likely, a combination of software.

“Social” business software

One type of business software that more and more businesses are starting to turn to is the “social” business software. This type of business software combines a variety of software application and allows users to interact and share data with each other. Interactive features are becoming popular, especially if it allows businesses to interact with customers. Since customers are what make a business successful, it is important for businesses to do all they can to engage their customers and provide the best customer experience.

OneDesk – Social business software

Businesses can use OneDesk to do a variety of things such as: track project budgets, organize customer feedback and ideas, keep track of which projects team members are working on and make decisions on which ideas to implement based on what is most important to their business.

Moreover, the “social” aspects of this business software make it easy for businesses to collaborate with the entire team and listen to and engage with customers. It takes all things one step further; instead of simply tracking budgets, users can also request cost estimates from each other. Users can also share their calendars and interact with each other using OneDesk’s chat, discussion forums and blogs.

This unique business software also acts as social CRM and product lifecycle management software. It allows business to communicate with customers and find out what they really want, then proceed to easily turn the ideas into reality.

business software

OneDesk is unique business software; its social collaboration tools make the development process easier.

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