Global Mission with a Local Focus

We are pleased to announce that LifeLearn, a global leader in the development of leading-edge educational resources for life sciences professionals based at the prestigious Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, has successfully implemented our Web 2.0 offering to work to improve animal and human health worldwide.


With multiple programs and projects to be designed, managed and delivered in a continuous way, and with working teams distributed across Canada, the US and at project sites in the developing world, Lifelearn was looking for a collaborative platform that allowed communication and engagement at every stage of development. Kim McKay is Technology Operations & Service Manager for Lifelearn.


Kim McKay says that after their first experience with software that didn’t deliver, they started the second search with a much clearer idea of what it needed to do.

“We needed to have tight communications, not lose things, and be able to know exactly what the other people needed. I looked at around 30 pieces of software, different project management software, everything from programs I could install on a server and run to simple little online Gantt charts to sharepoint systems to full-blown waterfall giant implementation projects. And the one that suited us the most – was OneDesk.”

Company profile: LifeLearn

Founded in 1993 as a startup incubated within Canada’s leading veterinary college in Guelph Ontario, Lifelearn ( has emerged as a global leader in the development of leading-edge educational resources for life sciences professionals. With a broad scope of services in support of a global mission to Bring Learning to Life, Lifelearn merges science, design and technology to create engaging, effective and easy-to-use educational programs and interactive content.

Click here to access the full case study.

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