Best Practices for Creating Custom Views

Aside from the default layouts, custom views allow you to display your data in unique, dynamic ways. Custom views are available in all the main OneDesk sections: tickets, tasks, projects, timesheets, customers, users, and analytics. You can easily view what … Continue Reading

Best Practice: Auto Forward Email to Ticket

OneDesk automatically creates new tickets in your account when received from your email. Simply follow these best practices to set up your email to automatically forward to your OneDesk. Step 1. Go to Administration -> Tasks Step 2. Make note … Continue Reading

Organizing portfolios and projects within OneDesk

Portfolios are items within OneDesk that allow for easy grouping of projects together. While portfolios cannot contain items directly, the projects within these portfolios contain all the tickets, tasks, articles, and other item-types which you may be working with and … Continue Reading

Notifications & Emails

OneDesk has built a sophisticated messaging system that ensures you never have to worry about where the recipient of your message is. Thanks to this powerful messaging system, you don’t need to be concerned if your recipient is using live … Continue Reading

Managing Team Projects with OneDesk

What are Teams and how are they Organized? If you work in a team, OneDesk offers an easy way to manage and share projects amongst team members. While you can share projects with individuals, often it is faster and more … Continue Reading

All About Customer Organizations in OneDesk

In the most recent release of OneDesk we made big changes to Customer Organizations. Whereas prior to this release customer organizations were relatively simple groupings of customers, now they have become more sophisticated objects, with properties and features that will … Continue Reading

The Basics of Agile Project Management Using OneDesk

The principles of Agile project management took root in the software development and engineering fields. There are many different methodologies (such as Scrum or Kanban) on how to implement these processes, but agile does not have to be complicated and … Continue Reading

All About Reports in OneDesk

OneDesk ships with some pre-set report templates included. These let you quickly generate reports on tickets, tasks, projects, timesheets, and invoices with just a few clicks. However OneDesk also includes powerful tools to let you create your own report templates, … Continue Reading

Setting up OneDesk to work with customers on projects.

This is part of an ongoing series where I go over the basic account configurations for different types of businesses. Some companies are very contract-driven and only perform work when customers are asking and paying for it. This article discusses … Continue Reading

Setting up your OneDesk to support multiple products or services

This is part of an ongoing series where I go over the basic account configurations for different types of businesses. There are many different types of companies that use OneDesk to support their customers or end-users. For each business model … Continue Reading