Best Practice: Creating Multiple Portals and Knowledgebases

Portals and knowledgebases are useful tools that help you to better serve your clients. Customer portals allow your customers to monitor and track the progress being made on their tickets or tickets from their organization. Knowledgebases enable you to save … Continue Reading

Best Practice: OneDesk Optimization

The following are some useful best practices that you can use to improve the performance of OneDesk and keep your work organized. Computer To use OneDesk, you will need access to a good quality computer. OneDesk works inside a web … Continue Reading

How to Create Multiple Portals/Knowledgebases

OneDesk allows you to create as many unique portals or knowledgebases as you need. You can use your portal to allow your customers or end-users to collaborate on projects with you or customize your ticket submission form. Here’s how to … Continue Reading

Best Practices: Different Uses for Tickets & Tasks

OneDesk differentiates between tickets and tasks to help you better organize your work environment. Tickets and tasks can be made to behave virtually the same; whatever you can do with a task, you could also do with a ticket and … Continue Reading

How to prevent email loops in OneDesk

In OneDesk to capture emails as tickets, you will auto-forward or redirect your normal support email (eg. to one of your OneDesk capture email addresses (eg. By default, OneDesk has an auto-reply turned on, which replies to the … Continue Reading

Automating your projects with OneDesk

If you are an existing user of OneDesk you are no doubt aware of our powerful workflow automation engine. Well with the latest release it just got even more powerful! OneDesk has long had the ability to automatically take action … Continue Reading

How to put a Knowledge Base on your Website – A self-service option for your customers

With OneDesk you can help your customers to help themselves! Decrease your support costs by providing articles about your products or services, so that your customers can easily find answers to common questions.   What exactly is the OneDesk Knowledge … Continue Reading

Customizing your Timesheet form

In OneDesk you can create a timesheet for each time you work on a task or ticket. Here’s how to customize that timesheet form.   Creating a timesheet It’s easy to create timesheets in OneDesk. Do this by Clicking “Add … Continue Reading

Using the Report Creation Wizard

We have released an update to the report creation interface. This a big step forward for non-technical users to be able to generate and schedule the reports they need. While the underlying report generation technology has not changed, the interface … Continue Reading

How to deal with neglected tickets

Do you want to make sure that no tickets fall through the cracks? With OneDesk it is easy to auto-assign incoming tickets to ensure that every ticket is assigned to an agent. But the resolution process doesn’t stop there. You … Continue Reading