Notifications & Emails

OneDesk has built a sophisticated messaging system that ensures you never have to worry about where the recipient of your message is. Thanks to this powerful messaging system, you don’t need to be concerned if your recipient is using live … Continue Reading

Understanding Projects, Portfolios, Folders, & Items

OneDesk uses different naming conventions to refer to the things inside of OneDesk. There are a few main objects that OneDesk can contain: portfolios, folders, projects, and items. However, you can ONLY share projects and items, not portfolios and folders. … Continue Reading

Canned Responses

 Canned Responses in OneDesk There are multiple ways to set up and automate the sending of responses in OneDesk. Canned responses can assist in answering frequently-asked questions you receive from customers, addressing requests you get repeatedly, and more. This … Continue Reading

How to Use Macros

Macros allow you to take actions in bulk on items in OneDesk. This helps you to reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks like updating multiple items one-by-one. How to Create & Save a Macro You can create a … Continue Reading

Understanding Subtasks

Subtasks are an item in OneDesk that represents the break-down of complicated tasks into smaller ones. They act similar to any other item and have the same functionality. When you create a subtask, you are creating a regular item. This … Continue Reading

Webforms: Creation, Customization & Embedding

What Are Webforms? Webforms are used to collect information from your customers and translate that information into items in OneDesk. Through webforms, you allow your customers to create different item types in the OneDesk application.  You are able to create … Continue Reading

Using Subtasks in OneDesk

The January 2021 release of OneDesk introduced the idea of subtasks to OneDesk. This article shows you how you can use subtasks as well as provides some details of how they work and different ways you can use them.   … Continue Reading

Best Practice: Common Workflow Automations

OneDesk allows you to set workflow automations, which are a set of rules that take care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Setting workflow automations will allow your business to save time and money and to boost overall productivity. Automation Rules … Continue Reading

Filter Options

OneDesk gives you the ability to create custom views that can filter the information you see in your OneDesk application window, allowing you to view only what you need when you need it. The OneDesk view creation tool lets you … Continue Reading

Free Trial, Pricing & Going Pro

OneDesk’s subscription plans are based on the number of users that will be using OneDesk, allowing you to select the best fit for your organization.  Unlike other products on the market, no matter what OneDesk plan you select, you get: … Continue Reading