How to embed the client portal on your website using an iFrame

OneDesk includes a variety of Customer apps which you can put on your website to better serve your customers. These apps include live chat, ticket forms, knowledge base, and a client-facing ticket portal. The easiest way to put them on … Continue Reading

All About Gantt Charts in OneDesk

What are Gantt charts? Gantt charts consist of horizontal bars that indicate a project’s schedule on a horizontal timeline. Each bar represents a task with the left end of the bar positioned at the start of the task, and the … Continue Reading

The Basics of Agile Project Management Using OneDesk

The principles of Agile project management took root in the software development and engineering fields. There are many different methodologies (such as Scrum or Kanban) on how to implement these processes, but agile does not have to be complicated and … Continue Reading

Creating custom dashboards in OneDesk

In OneDesk, dashboards are a type of ‘view’ which are displayed in the left panel and show you some useful charts and statistics about your data. You can create and save your own dashboard-views, just like you can create tree-views, … Continue Reading

All About Reports in OneDesk

OneDesk ships with some pre-set report templates included. These let you quickly generate reports on tickets, tasks, projects, timesheets, and invoices with just a few clicks. However OneDesk also includes powerful tools to let you create your own report templates, … Continue Reading

Direct messaging between users in OneDesk

In OneDesk, you can have conversations by adding messages to tickets and tasks. When you do this, the followers of those items will get your messages via an omni-channel messaging service: by email, inside the ‘messenger app’ inside OneDesk, on … Continue Reading

Changing the name and picture of your bot in OneDesk

In OneDesk the ‘bot’ represents the Automation Engine that can do things for you and make your life easier. If you’ve spent some time in OneDesk you’ve seen the bot make automatic responses to customers who submit tickets, and replying … Continue Reading

Auto-forwarding your email to OneDesk – using Gmail / Gsuite

Setting up an auto-forward using Gmail / Gsuite is straightforward. Here are instructions to set up an autoforward for Gmail / Gsuite. After this is done, you will be automatically capturing emails and creating tickets and customer records in your … Continue Reading

Auto-forwarding / redirecting your email to OneDesk, using Outlook

Setting up an auto-forward using Microsoft Outlook is easy. Here we provide the instructions for the web version of Outlook Web App / Office 365, as well as the desktop version. STEP 1: Retrieve your OneDesk ticket capture email address … Continue Reading

Managing your users using teams in OneDesk

Update April 2020: We have added a whole lot of new features to Teams. Read more about what’s new in Teams. In OneDesk users can be added to teams. This is useful both to keep your users organized, and to … Continue Reading