Improving your helpdesk response times using SLAs

What are SLAs? Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are policies that define the level of service you deliver. These policies usually codify how long you will take to respond to customer service requests, how long until you deliver a fix and … Read More

The all new OneDesk customer portal

In the latest version of OneDesk we have made big changes and new features to the customer portal. Since there is a lot you can do, this post will walk you through what’s new (and what’s old) about the customer … Read More

Translating your customer portal into a different language.

While the main OneDesk app is only available in English (at this time), many of our users have a different mother tongue. While they are usually okay with the main app being in English, they sometimes would prefer that the … Read More

How an IT Support Company uses OneDesk for their Help Desk

This article is part of an ongoing series where I discuss how a particular customer in a specific industry uses OneDesk. As more and more companies move towards a SaaS model, it makes sense to use a helpdesk to track … Read More

How engineering firms use OneDesk to track customer tickets and projects

As with any business that serves customers, engineering firms need to have the ability to track the work that they do at the request of their customers and for projects. As a project manager, you need to enable your engineers … Read More

Using OneDesk for office IT departments

There comes a time in any medium or large-sized company’s lifetime in which they will need to build out an internal IT team. This IT team is generally in charge of all the employees’ computers and software, as well as … Read More

Troubleshooting alongside your client

Troubleshooting alongside your client In this day and age, not making full use of the technological wonders that we possess to help clients is a terrible mistake. With just a few clicks you can get access to a world of … Read More


Showcase your resolved client issues or positive client relations

Showcase your resolved client issues or positive client relations Managing a helpdesk is not easy. We’re all willing to admit that much, but sometimes good things happen and you should showcase that. A good statistic, a positive story, a worthy … Read More

automate your helpdesk

Should I Automate My Helpdesk?

Should I Automate My Helpdesk? The helpdesk world is now faced with so many great new functions like chatbots and live video conference. In a modern and technologically advancing world like this one, how automated should a helpdesk be nowadays? … Read More

organize your clients

Organize your clients into levels: the key to helpdesk management

Organize your clients into levels: the key to helpdesk management Let’s be honest, not all clients are created equal. That might sound mean or elitist but it is actually kind of true. Even for a small business, large clients, or … Read More