PERT based projects

PERT Based Projects: the Program Evaluation & Review Technique

PERT based projects: the Program Evaluation & Review Technique The PERT based projects method of planning: Every project manager wants to successfully see a project through from ideation to fruition. Planning and estimation are key to this success. However, when projects … Read More

resource management software

Effective Tools of Resource Management Software

Effective Tools of Resource Management Software To get through any project, you need a team of people as well as equipment, funding, and facilities in order to get all the tasks done. These aspects can all be viewed as resources. … Read More

IT Service Management

How to Simplify your IT Service Management with OneDesk

How to Simplify your IT Service Management with OneDesk We’ve already covered the importance of customer centricity, satisfaction and ratings that come from any good helpdesk department and the software you use. But there are also other factors at play … Read More

How to use software to manage your phase-gated projects

How to use software to manage your phase-gated projects One of the first things you need to figure out when starting a new project is how you’re going to structure the project work. What are the processes you need to … Read More

The Critical Path Method (CPM) of Scheduling Tasks

The critical path method (CPM) of scheduling tasks One of the most vital and stressful parts of project management is figuring out your project’s schedule. It’s never easy estimating timelines and project durations, but there are methods out there that … Read More

manage project scope

What is Project Scope and How to Manage it

Determining and Evaluating Your Project Scope Project planning involves many stages. One of the most important steps in the process is determining and documenting the project scope. As a project manager or lead, your job will be to identify project … Read More

Why Agile Fails

There’s an ongoing debate on whether Agile really is the best methodology to follow to maximize product development. The use of Agile is constantly increasing. At the beginning of 2013, we took a look at the 2012 CHAOS report and … Read More

Organizing Projects in 5 Steps

Today’s date is 11/12/13. Project leaders are most likely hoping that this is a good omen, and that everything will go in order. Unfortunately, whether things go in order in under the project leader’s control. It’s a no-brainer – the … Read More

Managing Project Information in 4 Steps

As a good project leader, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that project information is always synchronized, so that all team members can be on the same page at all times. This can be challenging, especially if the team … Read More

Estimating Costs for Agile Projects

I previously wrote a post entitled Waterfall vs. Agile in which I posted two charts comparing the success rates of both methodologies. A reader named Mark recently commented and asked a question concerning how to initially estimate the cost of … Read More