What’s New in the December 2019 Release of OneDesk

The December release of OneDesk is a big one with a list of significant improvements and new features. It went live on December 10th 2019. Improvements to Project Sharing More intuitive UI to share projects with Users and customers Ability … Continue Reading

What’s new in the July 2019 release of OneDesk?

Last week we release the latest update to OneDesk. The big feature in this release is the Knowledgebase, and I have written a couple of articles covering it here and here. We also added a few smaller features which I … Continue Reading

Some small, often-requested features that you have been waiting for

We often get requests for small features that are not deal-breakers for our customers but would definitely make their lives easier. Individually they are not big enough to merit a blog post, but put them together and they make a … Continue Reading

OneDesk – The January 2019 Release

We are working on major new features for OneDesk, but in the meantime, we have been releasing a series of minor updates. The main goals of these updates are to add minor usability improvements, small features, and of course fix … Continue Reading

A Big Update to our Mobile App!

We have just released a big update to our mobile app. It is available for both iOS and Android. For those of you who are already using it, it should be automatically pushed out to your devices. For the rest … Continue Reading

The all new OneDesk customer portal

In the latest version of OneDesk we have made big changes and new features to the customer portal. Since there is a lot you can do, this post will walk you through what’s new (and what’s old) about the customer … Continue Reading

Onedesk March 2017 release

The OneDesk March 2017 Release

The OneDesk March 2017 Release The OneDesk March 2017 release notes are also available in their complete and un-redacted form on our Customer Portal. Feel free to go and lookup more of the changes that were brought on with this … Continue Reading

OneDesk January 2017 Release

The OneDesk January 2017 Release

The OneDesk January 2017 Release This is a short post on the new feature and bug fixes of the OneDesk January 2017 Release. We will focus on a few features, for a full list of fixes and feature changes you … Continue Reading

OneDesk November 2016 Release 2016

The OneDesk November 2016 Release

The OneDesk November 2016 release Here’s a rundown of some of the key changes from the November 2016 release for the OneDesk suite of applications (web application, mobile application, customer portal). The requesters, followers and voters have been overhauled. They … Continue Reading

New Release – OneDesk July 2016

Get ready folks this is a big one! The July 2016 release of OneDesk has a lot of new features and changes that you’ve been clamoring for. In this release we’ve got an improved UI, Service Level Agreements management and … Continue Reading