What’s New in OneDesk – Feb 2021

On Saturday Feb 27th, OneDesk released the February 2021 update to OneDesk with many new features and improvements. Customize the creation form for each type of item Now you can customize the internal creation form for every item type. This … Continue Reading

What’s new in the January 2021 Release of OneDesk?

The Jan 2021 Release of OneDesk was rolled out on Jan 23 2021. It included the following features and enhancements:   Subtasks and Linked items We have introduced new ways to link items to each other. This extends the previous … Continue Reading

Using the Report Creation Wizard

We have released an update to the report creation interface. This a big step forward for non-technical users to be able to generate and schedule the reports they need. While the underlying report generation technology has not changed, the interface … Continue Reading

New in OneDesk, August 2020 – Custom fields get an upgrade

At OneDesk we’ve been working on some big exciting new features, but at the same time we have been making updates to OneDesk with a few smaller, but very useful features. Here is a quick update on the latest improvements … Continue Reading

New in OneDesk: Custom fields on timesheets, gantt enhancements, & more

The latest updates to OneDesk introduced the following new features and enhancements. New Report Wizard (beta): We have released an update to the report creation interface. Now the user is presented with a wizard-like interface that walks the user through … Continue Reading

May 2020 – New Features in OneDesk

Here are the new features and enhancements for the May 2020 Release of OneDesk. This release was rolled out on May 12, 2020. Tabbed view for detail panels and item creation forms. Now you can open detail panels in new … Continue Reading

What’s new in the March 2020 release of OneDesk?

At OneDesk we continue to work hard to bring new features to the OneDesk platform. We have many more updates planned, so keep your suggestions coming. This post will give you an overview of the features of this new release, … Continue Reading

OneDesk January 2020 – New Integrations!

Welcome to the first release of OneDesk in the new decade! This update was rolled out on January 28 2020. This release could be called “The Integration Release” because that was the main focus this month. Integrations We built out … Continue Reading

What’s New in the December 2019 Release of OneDesk

The December release of OneDesk is a big one with a list of significant improvements and new features. It went live on December 10th 2019. Improvements to Project Sharing More intuitive UI to share projects with Users and customers Ability … Continue Reading

What’s new in the July 2019 release of OneDesk?

Last week we release the latest update to OneDesk. The big feature in this release is the Knowledgebase, and I have written a couple of articles covering it here and here. We also added a few smaller features which I … Continue Reading