How to Create Multiple Portals/Knowledgebases

OneDesk allows you to create as many unique portals or knowledgebases as you need. You can use your portal to allow your customers or end-users to collaborate on projects with you or customize your ticket submission form. Here’s how to … Continue Reading

How a Hospital uses OneDesk to connect their departments and software

With the pandemic that rocked the world in 2020, a spotlight has been shone on healthcare systems and the challenges there are in running these institutions. Beyond the medical and research components, there are lots of supporting departments that are … Continue Reading

What is the Difference Between Tickets and Tasks?

OneDesk allows you to create tickets and tasks and gives you the ability to create workflow automation for each. Both tickets and tasks are entered into OneDesk through one of five channels: email, chat, import, manual add, or webforms. You … Continue Reading

How to See Tickets and Tasks in one View

OneDesk gives you the ability to view tickets and tasks separately. However, if you want to see both in one view, the Items view can help you do that. The Items view allows you to see your tickets and tasks … Continue Reading


Access Control Options in OneDesk: Roles and Permissions

OneDesk’s access control options allow you to assign roles to users and set permissions as to what they can and can’t do within the system. All roles and permissions in OneDesk are pre-set. Even though you can’t create custom roles … Continue Reading

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New Roadmap Application in OneDesk

You asked, we listened. You may have noticed that we have been making changes to OneDesk over the past few weeks. That’s because we believe customers always come first and always do our best to meet their needs. Hence, we … Continue Reading


Integrating New Team Members Into Projects

Picture this scenario: A new project begins and you and your team are off to a good start. Resources have been planned, assignments have been assigned, deadlines have been set, and everyone’s ready to work. All of the sudden, the … Continue Reading

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What Makes OneDesk Unique Software?

One of the most common questions we get is “What makes OneDesk unique?” Since OneDesk is a suite of applications, there are several features that are unique to our software. Here are the top ones. OneDesk’s Most Unique Software Features … Continue Reading

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Team challenges solved with OneDesk

New Webinar Series: Organizing Teams and Projects Product managers have to make sense of an enormous amount of information delivered to them from different angles. Their ability to guide their teams, measure results at a granular level, is critical if … Continue Reading

Project management blogs worth a mention

Here at OneDesk, we understand the importance of teamwork. We also know that it’s important to stay current on project management trends, gain inisghts and valuable tips to help guide us along the way. Great project management skills are not … Continue Reading