onedesk interface

As a OneDesk user I have instant access to a number of customer oriented channels to capture feedback right out of the box. Upon signup for the application, you are given the following handy email addresses to get you started capturing different kind of customer feedback:

Notice the ‘YourOrg’ in the address which allows you to brand the addresses and instantly triage feedback from the community. Support@, questions@ and problems@ emails will all be routed directly into the helpdesk application in OneDesk, while ideas@ go to ideas and compliments@, leads@ and feedback@ all go to the feedback application.

Finally, you can use OneDesk’s social media monitoring tools to gain insights about your company, products, industry or competitors. From here you can tag tweets, check facebook statuses and blog comments and tag them as either an idea, issue, question, compliment, lead or feedback. Once tagged they will end up in the appropriate application.

Of course you can also create feedback directly in the feedback application with full control over the item.

Have questions about using OneDesk’s Feedback application? Leave a comment below, or drop us a line at hello(at)onedesk(dot)com.

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