2014 in sky as clouds

client engagement strategyA client engagement strategy should be at the top of every companies new year’s resolution list. I recently read a great article by Gil Cattelain clearly highlights this issue. states that “…a recent study by Korn/Ferry International indicates that customer engagement is now the top marketing concern for 52 percent of CMOs. She also emphasiszes that of that group of individuals “30 percent believe that creating sustainable relationships with customers is a top concern, while 22 percent believe that providing an effective customer service experience is essential.”

Those are some pretty clear statistics. Involving your customers in product development naturally has many advantages. For one, it enables you to develop and bring to market more targeted, successful products , while also providing you with great opportunities to develop more meaningful and mutual relationships with your customers. But sometimes, the process goes awry, and fail to create products that delight- or in other words fail to satisfy the need of the market it is targeting.

More often than not, products don’t match the needs of their target market. Why? Sadly, because many organizations do not have the right tools in place to capture customer feedback and listen to their valuable insight.

Your business new year’s resolution is clear: Capture customer feedback, and listen closely to those who know your products best – your loyal customers.

Resolve to make 2014 the year of the customer!

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