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Client feedback: One step further

In a previous blog post, I briefly wrote about the importance of receiving client feedback and methods for managing it effectively. Obtaining client feedback and incorporating it into your product development process isn’t just a new fad or new form of customer relationship management (CRM). Strategic management of client feedback can make the difference between the creation and launch of good and great products that contribute to business growth.

Managing client feedback across the stages of product development

Each step of the product and service development process provides a different opportunity to leverage client insights. For instance, client feedback can be used:

• To identify and shape the early stages of idea generation and brainstorming
• To define and establish successful strategies for the product or service design phase
• To leverage the expertise of product or service teams to enhance the testing of prototypes and trials during the research and development phase
• As a powerful metric to align corporate strategies with the needs of the marketplace before the final stages of product or service launch

Leveraging the right tools for improved client feedback management

Knowing the important role that client feedback plays, the next logical question is: What specific customer insight management tools should we use to successfully capture, manage and incorporate client feedback into the product development process?

Here is a list of some of the very useful tools that you can use:
• Social Media Monitoring tools
• Enterprise Customer Feedback management tools
• Customer community portals
• Requirements management tools
• Project management tools
• Social Collaboration tools

OneDesk is the first social product development application that connects all stakeholders to the development process. OneDesk enables companies to fully engage with their customers, capture their insight, and develop the right products that exceed marketplace expectations.

We want to know: Which tools does your organization currently use to manage client feedback and ultimately, drive product or service innovation?

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