Client relationship management in a high-tech age

If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.
— Jeff Bezos

client relationship management

If you’re like most business professionals, you probably know that your existing customers are the most valuable asset to your company. Customer retention plays a huge role in cultivating a business’ success, and is worth more than acquiring new customers. Client relationship management, therefore, is something all businesses should always work on improving. In this modern, technological age, client relationship management techniques are changing. Business increasingly need to shift from managing their customers through traditional methods to managing them online.

Top three client relationship management tips from OneDesk

We at OneDesk understand the importance of good customer service. Our software was designed so that companies can have an easier time providing the ultimate customer experience to customers anywhere in the world.

Here are the top three client relationship management tips from our office:

1. Regular interaction
As with all relationships, in order to grow and better understand each other, communication has to be regular. Clients who submit ideas or feedback will feel less frustrated if they know that they are being taken into consideration. Engaging with customers by sending them personalized messages is the first step to building great relationships with them.

How OneDesk helps with this: Our discussion forums allows customers to easily communicate with you and your team through their very own customer feedback application.

2. Keep clients informed
Whether you are working on their ideas, or if it will be put on hold, clients like to be kept in the loop. Keeping them informed on the status of their feedback shows that you care about their needs and that you do not mean to ignore them, if you will not work on their ideas.

How OneDesk helps with this: You can choose to keep customers updated on their feedback’s status which they will see when they log in to the customer portal.

3. Make clients part of the development process
Encourage your clients to collaborate with your team or with each other. This adds value to your business, and enhances the front-end of innovation.

How OneDesk helps with this: Our community discussion forums allow customers to discuss ideas amongst themselves. You and your team can join the conversation and work on developing stellar products or services.

We want to know: What are your company’s best client relationship management techniques?

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