Are you receiving enough client response?

You know you’re receiving positive client response when your existing clients keep knocking at your door for more of your product or service. If you are finding it difficult to retain your clients and especially if you find it difficult to acquire new customers, your business needs to implement a strategy to increase client response.

Why the decline in client response?

Take a minute to think about why you would not go back to a certain place for a product or service. Most likely, it would be because the service you received wasn’t top-notch, or because you were not satisfied with the product you purchased.

Thus, not being satisfied, what do you do? Chances are that your first instinct would be to let the company know that you are not satisfied with what they offered. You begin to look for a customer service number or a feedback email, and send a polite suggestion through to the company, explaining how they can improve the product or service, than wait for months to hear back from them, possibly after contacting them a few more times. This can be frustrating.

Increase client response with OneDesk

The reason why some companies fail to receive adequate client response is that it can be a challenge to keep track of customer feedback – if they are open to receiving them. It’s always good to have a feedback system through which customers can reach you and provide feedback. In fact, since your customers are the reason your business is still standing, it would be such a loss not to.

Increase client responseOneDesk allows you to set up a customer feedback application through which customers can submit feedback through. You can then view the feedback, share it with your team, classify the feedback, and assign them to be worked on. One really neat thing – you can choose to keep your customers updated on their feedback’s status. This eliminates the need for customers to keep following up with you, leading to more satisfied customers, and higher client response rate.

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