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Co-creating: Going beyond the definition

If you are not quite sure what co-creating means, I invite you to visit my past blog posts that explore some of the ways co-creation is used to enhance social product development. Beyond defining and highlighting the benefits, it is important to explore the best practices of organizations that have successfully integrated co-creation into their product and service development strategy. In addition, exploring how these best practices are used to build customer loyalty can provide you with insights and solutions to issues of customer retention.

Co-creating in the organization: Best practices

A well-structured business model based on the concept of co-creating has these critical components:

    • Effective and efficient methods to gather and integrate customer insights into the planning cycle.


  • An established process to engage all stakeholders throughout the course of the development process.
  • A system and tools to provide customers with regular status updates, keep them in the decision loop, and informed of any changes made to the feedback they have submitted.
  • A system to prioritize customer ideas and select the ones that are aligned with business and corporate strategies.

Co-creating with OneDesk

Any attempts to implement co-creation strategies and best practices without the right systems and tools can become a recipe for failure. Organizations can benefit from the best practices when they use the right online collaboration software to engage customers and discover their needs. OneDesk provides organizations with an effective process that helps organizations apply these best practices to design and implement a dynamic co-creating approach to product development. Its innovative platform of social business applications allows you to capture customer feedback, engage with all stakeholders, including customers, at every step of the process. The applications also enable you to elaborate the details of their feedback and integrate it directly into your product or service road map. The ability for customers to vote on ideas and for you to prioritize this feedback based on your organization’s strategies ensures that you will develop and deliver the right products to market faster and more efficiently.

With OneDesk, the possibilities are endless.

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