What is co-working?

Co-working is a style of work which which involves a shared working environment among workers who are not employed by the same department or organization. This concept allows a global community of people to employ the values of collaboration, co-creation, community, openness and accessibility, while working in a shared space.

Co-working: A booming movement

The co-working movement is gaining popularity amongst independent workers and business-oriented collaborators. Business people are increasingly turning co-working, co-working spaces, as well as digital co-working applications to stimulate productivity and innovation.

How exactly does co-working stimulate innovation?

co-working spaceCo-working enables individuals from different workplaces or departments to come together in a shared space and create a more social working environment. Co-working spaces have a unique culture. Within a rented, office-like facility, like-minded co-workers can gather and share knowledge “barcamp” style and gain inspiration. By focusing on building a co-working community, more attention is paid to the social, collaborative and open aspects of working. The social culture that co-working spaces present offers people the chance to get to know one another, become exposed to how they work, and obtain ideas from them.

Co-working software maximizes innovation

One reason that co-working has taken off successfully is that the ability to work with cloud-based applications facilitate business processes amongst people in different locations. The use of co-working software increases collaboration, productivity and innovation. It’s a way to get everyone together without actually getting them together.

Co-working software like OneDesk connect users worldwide, and allows them to work together in real-time. All of OneDesk’s applications are interconnected. They include feedback management, requirements management, task management, issues management, innovation and ideas management, product roadmapping, and more. Complete with social collaboration tools, OneDesk fosters a sense of community, openness and allows businesses to effectively produce innovative products or services.

Co-workers can try OneDesk for free here.

We want to know: Has co-working made an impact on your work/business?

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