onedesk interface

Easily collaborate with other team members

To collaborate around a particular issue or task you can hold a discussion with different team members. The collaboration inbox will enable you to easily communicate with both internal and external team members across the organization.

Anchored in the existing OneDesk integrated set of applications, these new features make it easier to connect your issue tracking and task management activities to the rest of the product development process by allowing you to:

• View all the work that is required for a release in a single view
• Have full visibility and traceability across all projects, by linking feedback, requirements and support tickets to issues and tasks
• Easily align corporate strategies with the needs and demands of the marketplace
• Create more accurate work estimates by quickly and easily identifying any issues or tasks that may impede the development process

Watch the video below to learn how to collaborate on issues and tasks:

Got a question or comment about the issues and task management application? Post a comment or email us at hello(at)onedesk(dot)com.

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