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collaboration toolsContrary to popular belief, collaboration tools are nothing new. A collaboration tool can be anything that helps people collaborate. Before computers existed, paper was used as a collaboration tool. Today, almost everyone uses some form of technology to collaborate. Most don’t realize that one of the most powerful and common tool used for collaboration is email. However, nowadays, when people speak about these type of tools, they are often referring to hardware or software that help users communicate to accomplish something.

According to wisegeek.com, “they help streamline operations in a project with participants who are located in different physical locations. Collaboration tools are used to create and share information and organize progress within a project. They can be used to collaborate on a variety of different things, including projects for work or fun.”

Use of collaboration tools in the business world

Enterprise collaboration tools are increasingly being used. Each industry has their own purposes for using them. A customer service department may use them to facilitate communication with their customers, while product developers may employ them to stay on top of industry trends and ease the roadmap planning process. Some businesses find it challenging to choose one of these tools. As wisegeek.com puts it, “When an organization needs its members to collaborate frequently, it may require a dedicated set of collaboration tools.”

OneDesk: A suite of all-purpose collaboration tools

At OneDesk, our goal is to make your job easier, regardless of your role, by providing a suite of applications that helps business structure collaboration and communication between employees, partners, and customers. OneDesk is an integrated platform of applications: customer feedback management, ideas management, requirements management, project management, and more. A suite of real-time social collaboration tools facilitates conversations across the office, or across continents. Best of all, you can choose to only use the features that you see fit for your company, and only pay for what you use.

Get your whole team on the same page by trying OneDesk out for free today.

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