collaborative learning

The definition of collaborative learning is a no brainer – it is a system in which two or more people work together to learn something.

However, understanding the concept of collaborative learning, and knowing how to make it work is where the “brainwork” comes in. Collaborative learning is becoming more widely recognized in the business world. With collaborative learning, team members are responsible for their learning, as well as for those of other members’.

According to this website on the topic, “there is persuasive evidence that cooperative teams achieve at higher levels of thought and retain information longer than learners who work quietly as individuals. The shared learning gives learners an opportunity to engage in discussion, take responsibility for their own learning, and thus become critical thinkers.”

Collaborative learning through technology

It has been proven that companies that deploy learning through technology and create virtual collaboration opportunities to all employees, achieve more goals faster.

With the emergence of web 2.0 technologies, the way organizations work is changing. Workers now depend on collaborative group work to think creatively, generate ideas, and develop stellar products and services.

By using web 2.0 technologies that feature wikis, blogs, social collaboration tools, companies have an easier time sharing ideas and creating an interactive environment that encourages diversity learning. Thus, a cooperative atmosphere, as well as a social support system is created; this allows for a better approach to problem solving, and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

OneDesk is web 2.0 software that enhances collaborative learning throughout organizations. Offered as SaaS, this all-in-one suite of applications features feedback and ideas management, requirements management, project management and more. Because they are all connected and have a layer of social and collaboration tools, OneDesk make it easier for employees, customers and partners to all learn from each other and develop products or services that the market wants.

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