What is collaborative management?

collaborative managementCollaborative management is a management technique that promotes a sense of teamwork and unity between managers and other team members. The idea behind collaborative management style is to allow managers to combine their strengths with the strengths of other members of the team, and collectively strengthen any weaknesses that may be found among the team members.

A few lessons in collaborative management

Collaborative management is an integral part of the product development process as it enables companies to speed up to the product or service-to-market process and develop innovative products or services that the market wants.

Here are some tips on maximizing collaborative management within your organization:

Give everyone doing the work some authority
Employees at all levels should be given some authority and ability to make decisions. Engaging your employees into the development process shows that you value them. Employees who feel valued tend to work harder, provide better customer experiences and stay with your company longer.

Listen and communicate with everyone
Listen to your customers and find out what they think about your brands. Let them know you are listening and encourage them to keep submitting feedback. Include both customers and employees in the development process and work on providing a better customer experience.

Clearly outline business goals
Clear and detailed business goals are the key to delivering stellar products that customers are looking for. This means that the whole organization should be aware of the business goals. Managing business requirements can be challenging; misunderstandings can cause the product’s outcome to be the complete opposite of what customers requested.

Find a good collaborative software
To ensure proper collaborative management, a good collaborative software must be used. Collaborative software enables the company to:

  • Work with internal and external team members in real-time, regardless of distance
  • Collect ideas from team members and customers and turn them into actionable items
  • Stay updated on what others are working on and always be on the same page
  • Clearly outline business goals and allow team members to see which ones are being met

OneDesk is collaborative software that does all of the above, and more.

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