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In today’s world, it’s important for people to feel connected to each other. To build that connectivity, people form communities. This allows individuals to interact with each other within a common environment. Whether they are religious, political, work-related, or hobby-related, people join communities to have a sense of support, belonging and a place where they can share ideas.

Community ideas: Part of everyday life

The concept of community ideas can be seen everywhere. When people want to make a change, they often put their ideas together and voice them as a community. Rallies, petitions, and protests are some ways people use to make community ideas heard. Often, in everyday life, people will often share their ideas with one another before proposing them to a person of authority. If a group of co-workers is unhappy with the way things in their department are working, they will most likely gather all their ideas and come up with a proposal of how they would improve the department. This goes to show that with community ideas, people can stand up for their needs and make a difference. Community ideas - make your voices heard


Online community ideas: Let your ideas be heard

Gathering and voicing community ideas does not always mean that people must physically meet in one place. Online communities are formed everyday, allowing people to interact, discuss and elaborate on community ideas at any time. Generating community ideas online is more effective as it allows individuals to start conversations about their ideas and work together to improve them. It also allows the the “listening” party to well, listen to the conversations about the community ideas, gain insight, and capture the best and most innovative ideas needed to make improvements.

Community ideas through

allows your customers to come together and generate community ideas on how they would improve your product. By installing a customer portal in your website, your customers will be able to share, discuss, and vote on the ideas they like best. This is an easy way for you and your company to learn about what is being said about your product, and what you can do to improve it.

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