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Community response: instinctive

Community responseQuestion: Do you ever feel like you are being treated unfairly, or like you are being ignored? If yes, what did you do about it? Personally, if I feel like I’ve been treated unfairly, my first instinct is to talk to others, and find out if anyone else is feeling the same way. This usually makes make feel better because (a) it makes me realize that I am not alone, and (b) having a group of people realize that we have all fallen into the same trap generates a sense of community, and the notion that we can all work together, generate some community response, and improve the situation. Thus, this is the basis of community response. When people feel like they’ve fallen into a situation that can be worked on and improved, they instinctively come together, discuss the problem, and see what they can do to resolve it. Community response simply refers to public input. The idea is logical – to have as many people as possible tell the world what they consider important. Community response can take form in many ways, such as through survey responses, protests, petitions, and letters. Everyone is entitled to have their say on things, and community response ensures their say is heard by the people who should hear it.

Community response online

The problem with generating community response is that people often find themselves too busy to do something about the issues they face. It takes time to gather people and start voicing their concerns. Thus, most people are turning to the world wide web and getting their voices heard there. Community forums can be found everywhere online, such as on company websites, news sites, and on social media discussion forums. Creating community responses online proves to be more beneficial; it saves time, reaches a bigger audience, and everyone can let the whole world know exactly what they think or how they feel.

Receiving community response about your product/service

If customers are unsatisfied with your company’s product or service, wouldn’t it be great if you could know exactly what they are thinking as soon as possible? Nowadays, companies are starting to realize that it’s important to listen to the voice of the customer and ensure that they understand what customers want. Traditionally, companies used market research and surveys to determine their customers’ needs. In today’s technologically-inclined world, companies need to do more than send out surveys – they need to reach out on the web and listen to what customers are saying to each other about their products and services.

Community response and OneDesk

With OneDesk, customers can come together and generate community responses about a company’s product or service. Through the customer feedback application, customers can submit ideas, voice their concerns and hold discussions amongst themselves. This means that your company will immediately know when customers think your products and services can be improved. Best of all, you can interact with your customers, clarify their feedback and let them know you are working on it by choosing to keep them updated on their feedback’s status. This improves the customer experience and leads to more satisfied customers, and obviously, a stronger business.

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