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Why it’s important to set company goals

To be able to grow and reach full potential, a company must set company goals, and meet them. Company goals also inspire employees to drive a business’ success rate. Therefore, when setting company goals, it’s best to get all your employees involved. This way, you can set and subsequently reach goals that are made to make your business more successful and your employees more satisfied and productive.

It’s easy to brainstorm and decide which goals your company wants to set and achieve. Perhaps you want to satisfy more customers, improve performance, or close the gap with a competitor. However, it’s more complicated to figure out how you are going to meet these goals, and more importantly, actually achieving them.

Setting company goals with OneDesk

Company goals - organization strategies
OneDesk allows you to enter organization strategies, which are goals you set for your organization, or the corporate strategies you will devise to ensure that your goals are met. If you wish, you can grant access to your employees, and let them enter the goals they see fit for the organization.

This feature allows you to drive value to enterprise initiatives by making it easier to visualize which of your business strategies and goals are well-connected to the product development.

By entering them into OneDesk, you will be able to clearly see which of your goals/strategies are being met, as well as how.

Meeting company goals with OneDesk

Company goals - strategic alignment analysis
So you’ve entered your organization strategies, or your company goals into OneDesk. Now what?

Simply link your requirements to organization strategies. Then, refer to the requirements analysis chart to view how your strategic themes are being aligned to your requirements.

A strategic alignment score is calculated based on how many organization strategies your requirement is connected to, weighed by their relative importance. Therefore, the higher the score is, the more company goals will be met if you implement that requirement.

Your whole company will be able view this, making it easier for your business to achieve its goals.

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