The beginning of a new year is logically – and psychologically – the best time to give your company a makeover and your employees a fresh start. Hence, while we have your attention, we at OneDesk would like to take advantage of helping you set company resolutions that will help your business blossom in 2012.

Some company resolutions we suggest:

company resolutions

Learn more about how social media can improve customer loyalty: Social media isn’t just about Tweeting and Facebooking. When employed correctly, a good social media strategy can strengthen your business as well as your company’s relationships with customers. By listening to real-time customer conversations on the social web and also by joining conversations surrounding your brands, you will immediately get ideas as to which direction to head with your projects.

Assess and innovate your website: New year, new look. Revamping your website in terms of design and SEO adjustments can help you stand out from out from your competitors. However, today’s leading companies recognize that making their website customer-centric is one of the keys to driving innovation. According to web strategist Jeremiah Owyang (, “the future of corporate websites enable customers to submit, define, and vote for next-generation products in collaboration with product teams.” Adding interactive components to your website, such as a community portal where customers can share ideas with your company, as well as each other.

Strengthen internal collaboration: Just as it is important to engage with customers, it’s also important to foster internal collaboration and ensure everyone is on the same page at all times. Staying in constant contact with other employees will allow feedback, ideas and issues to get implemented or resolved faster.

Revamp your ideation process: A good ideation process allows you to easily recognize valuable ideas and know which ones to implement. It provides a quicker and easier way of developing customer-centric products or services, allowing you to stand out in the marketplace. Improve your company’s ideation process by encouraging all stakeholders to participate.

Hopefully, our suggestions will incite you to learn more about simple aspects that can help your business grow. OneDesk aids in all of these areas; check out the related blog posts and tutorials below to learn more.

We want to know: What are your company resolutions for 2012?

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