All project managers have to go through the challenge of managing team projects from set-up to end, and ensure the whole team meets its goals.

Many project managers have found that using collaboration software helps them get through the challenges.

However, using software to manage team projects much more efficient if the software is correctly set up from the very beginning.

Setting OneDesk up for your team projects

Before jumping into the software, consider the following:

Will all team members have the same roles and privileges?
In OneDesk, you can assign each team member a different role, based on how much accessibility you want them to have within the application.

To do this:

  • Go to Users & Settings (you must be designated with an administrator role to do so)
  • Choose Users
  • Select a user
  • Select a role, or create a customized one


Consider the intensity of the projects- are there any workflows that you can automate?
Save your team from doing work that can be automated by automating frequent workflows and tasks with OneDesk’s workflow application. Set-up auto-response emails, SLA reminders and item notifications and boost productivity.

To do this:

  • Go to Users & Settings
  • Choose Workflows


Which applications will you need in your projects?
OneDesk is a suite of applications which are all connected – but that doesn’t mean you need to use every single application for each of your projects.

  • Create your projects
  • Choose the application you wish to include. You can always add applications after.


What kinds of lifecycles make sense for your projects?
OneDesk’s workflow statuses allow product teams to easily manage ideas, and stay on the same page as to where a project is at. Workflow statuses can be customized based on your organization’s working system.

To do this:

  • Go to Users & Settings
  • Choose Types Configurability
  • Under Item, find the type of item you wish to configure your workflow for.
  • Click Set Status. Add, delete or rename the status.
  • Select or create the states that each status goes through.


Will you bring customers into the development process? What kinds of permissions should they have?
Customers can use OneDesk’s customer portal to submit feedback, ideas, questions problems or compliments. They can also vote on them, answer polls, and participate in discussions. Simply send customers the link to your customer portal, or embed it in your website.

  • Go to Users & Settings.
  • Choose Customer Feedback Options.
  • Ensure the box next to Activate Customer Portal is checked.
  • Go through the list and select what your customers can and can’t do.


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