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OneDesk lets you connect your helpdesk to CRM

If you haven’t already, you should connect your helpdesk database to your Customer Relations Management (CRM) system as soon a possible. Why?

A single source of customer data

Because a combined database provides you with a single source of customer information, system problems, and system solutions. If you have two or more databases, with two or more input sources, input errors will quickly create databases filled with contradictory information. A single source (using a single input interface) guarantees data integrity.

Your customer service representatives talk to your clients. When they talk with them, they hear about enhancements the user would like to see. They learn about subtleties of the system that irritate the user but never rise to the level of being truly irritating. They hear about a problem a user had but at the time chose not to report.

Allows for the collection of customer feedback

And, if you want to avoid bouncing people from technician to technician, the salespersons can actually create a basic ticket that can be released to the helpdesk system. Again, a single point of data entry, a single data item to track. And remember, we offer multi-stream communications to keep the user involved in many aspects of the effort to create a solution. And a customer who sees an effort being made to keep him or her happy is a customer who will likely choose to stay with you and the services you offer.

Add to this the fact that the salespeople do not have to learn the helpdesk system. The helpdesk database feeds the CRM and the CRM system feeds the helpdesk. Neither has to see the other. The only requirement is that the appropriate data be available both in helpdesk and CRM.

Let representatives communicate important information directly with customers!

If configured correctly, the interface between helpdesk and CRM provides several critical abilities to the sales people. If the interface pushes tickets and fixes back to the sales people, the sales people are able to communicate with their customer on the status of the fixes or the upgrades. If the helpdesk is indeed taking information or comments from all levels of the products development, they can provide the user, the customer, with detailed information, also providing them with a sense of the company’s commitment to their satisfaction. And of course, a satisfied client is much more likely to remain with you and much more likely to recommend your services or product to someone else. This means increase sales, loyal customers, and increased revenue.

One Desk provides exactly what you need. OneDesk connects to your CRM using Zapier as an interface. The interface provides information and capabilities to support your sales force and several additional CRM capabilities.

Through the interface, you have a virtual single source database that allows the sales people to keep track of developments entered by the helpdesk technicians. It even allows them to participate in the helpdesk process, providing inputs addressing upgrades, annoyances, and other ideas for improvement of your product.

We are available to let us provide you with the benefit of our experience in the development of an integration guide for you particular CRM.

Photo Credit: “Hello White” / Philippe Put / CC BY

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