Every now and then, it’s good to read up about what others have learned about product management, especially since it’s a field that is constantly evolving. Hence, we have put together a list of some cool product management blogs that we are certain you will learn new things from, while being entertained.

Check out these cool product management blogs:

Product Management Meets Pop Culture

Christopher Cummings, an experienced product manager, has developed a technique to share his knowledge about best practices in product management, in a way new PMs and people who interact with PMs will understand. In his posts, Cummings compares different aspects of product management to movies, comics, characters, and other pop-culture related elements. We love how he can compare delivering standup punchlines to a “product in your portfolio that nobody wants to touch,” and how he shows that product managers should learn the meaning of focus à la Wonder Women.

Brainrants Blog by Brainmates

Brainmates is a consulting agency based in Sydney, Australia that helps companies strategise, design and deploy products and services. The Brainrants Blog, written by Brainmates’ founders Adrienne Tan and Nick Coster, with the help of the rest the Brainmates team, the blog cover a wide variety of topics related to product management. Some highlights from their blog includes this interview that Coster did with Cindy F. Solomon of Global Product Management Talk about the Agile business gap, and our own guest blog post about social product management.

Andrew Chen’s blog

Andrew Chen is a blogger and entrepreneur who focuses on mobile and web consumer products, in particular user growth. His blogs are easy-to-read, entertaining, and cover a wide variety of topics. Not every single post is about product management, hence those who are interested in startups, product marketing, SaaS and social networks will surely appreciate reading about his experiences as well as his fun, interesting pieces about related-topics. We were entertained by this post about how some of the most popular social networks used to look, and agree with everything in his post entitled Does your product suck? Stop adding new features and “zoom in” instead.

Street Smart Product Manager

The Street Smart Product Manager, aka Shardul Mehta, is a simple product guy who is very passionate about all things product management. His posts are well-written and extremely informative that it is hard to believe that Metha is self-taught in the field. This blog is a good resource for those who seek to become “product ninjas” and maximize their product management and business strategies.

On Product Management

If you’re a product manager, you’ve most likely already heard about this one. On Product Management has one of the most resourceful collections of product management-related articles. All posts are Written by a team of experienced product managers, as well as featuring guest posts from experts in the field, including this article from our marketing specialist, Catherine. Each article serves to educate and raise awareness about the current trends and practices that are essential to innovative product management.

Know about a cool product management blog that we missed? Let us know!

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  1. Kimberley Chan

    Hi Fanny,

    Thanks for reading, and thank for suggesting Frank Lio’s site. I read some of his posts, and I agree, they are well written and very insightful.


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