I got to thinking about our generation, and how content shapes our thoughts and beliefs about products and services these days. More specifically, how quickly we change our focus from one product to the next. We always want the next best thing, the newest release, the latest innovation. With this in mind, how on earth is a company supposed to build a product in a marketplace with such rapidly shifting needs, wants and behaviors?

Anyone in product knows that knowing the demands of your product before you even launch would save your company time, money, and a whole lot of guesswork. The reality however, is that we live in a world where “the next big thing” is unpredictable and frankly, these days short-lived. Therefore, knowing what to build ahead of time is extremely cumbersome and sometimes impossible. One of the problems is that many companies bury themselves in meaningless data. They often don’t know if their product is actually something that people want until it is released in the marketplace. The key is to make a product that is as dynamic and adaptable as the marketplace that it serves.

Share your thoughts: What is the most important factor to consider when creating products?

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