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Creating requirements from one or more pieces of feedback

As a product professional, you must select and create product requirements that not only meet customer needs, but that also align with short-term and long-term organizational strategies. This process can be tedious, often involving the creation of datasheets packed with detailed information. With OneDesk, you can eliminate hours of manual data entry with a single click of a button.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Creating requirements is very easy:

– Open the feedback tab within your Project.
– Select one or multiple feedback items (To select multiple pieces of feedback at a time, hold down the CTRL or SHIFT key while selecting them.)
– Click on the “Create Requirement” button located in the menu above. A window will appear that will allow you to name your requirement. Then, click “Create” and you are done!

OneDesk’s requirements management capabilities also allow you to:

– Generate product requirements from organizational goals
– Keep the whole team connected with customers, business partners and other employees across the organization
– Move through the different phases of development at the speed of light; from ideation to execution.
– Create tasks and connect them to their corresponding requirements and share them with your colleagues.
– Simplify the decision-making process by reporting more accurate estimates and complete requirements.

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