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OneDesk allows you to create teams and collaborate with colleagues, offsite team members, partners and customers. In this OneDesk Quick Start Guide we’ll teach you how to build your OneDesk team. We’ll also introduce you to some important concepts in OneDesk, like Containers which are the essential building blocks for all teams and projects.



Advantages: By adding organization users to your OneDesk account, you can collaborate with colleagues and ensure your whole company is on the same page. When you sign up for a free OneDesk account, you can add two free users to your organization.

Here’s how:

• To add users individually Go to:  users –> Create a new user.

Note: Only users with an Administrator role can add users to an organization.



Advantages: With OneDesk, you can collaborate with other users by inviting them to join a Container. Within a Container, members are able to discuss, develop, and share information and manage feedback, requirements, issues, tasks and projects.

Here’s how:

Containers can be shared either with users from your organization, or with external guests. After creating a Containers, click on the share icon on the Containers you wish to share.

• Share your Containers with external guests: simply enter their email addresses – They will be invited as external guests, and will NOT join your organization. (If they are new to OneDesk, they will be asked to create their own organizations).
• Share your Container with users from your organization: Just select the user from the drop-down list of users.



Advantages: You can also collaborate with customers inside OneDesk. This allows them to submit tickets and ideas, discuss them, and get notified of any updates.

Here’s how:

To add users, go to the users application in the left panel. Click add user. Here you can add multiple users and share containers with them at the same time.


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