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bower bird know's the advantages of custom software

Valentine’s day traditionally heralds the beginning of avian flirtations, and with three weeks now between us and Cupid’s holiday, our birds of a feather will be past the stage of serious serenading and well on their way to constructing comfortable nests in which to grow their feathery families.

At OneDesk we know where the birds are coming from: it’s important to build employees a great environment to work in if they’re to be comfortable and truly grow within the organization, and a great working environment includes the software your people will be using day-in, day-out.

That’s why OneDesk now features many options which allow you to configure your own custom software solution, best suited to the needs of your organization using the OneDesk platform.

Configuring OneDesk to your Custom Software Requirements

OneDesk’s unified collaborative environment for cross functional product teams can be configured as a custom software solution in four key ways:

  1. Forms used to submit feedback, requirements and tasks into the system can each be formatted to include custom fields specific to your organization’s needs.
  2. ‘Types’ configuration allows you to change the lifecycle status options for ideas, problems, questions, compliments, leads, general feedback, requirements and issues/tasks. You can alter which items you wish to receive in OneDesk- for example, you may choose to configure the feedback system to only receive questions and problems, not ideas. <
  3. Personalized labels can be configured for each of the processes across the entire application allowing you to tailor the custom software to your work items and reflect your organizations’ culture and strategic vision.
  4. Branding the environment with your own company logo is the final piece of the puzzle to make OneDesk a nest fully suited to your company’s culture.

With these abilities to customize OneDesk to match your organization’s visual identity, vocabulary and specific needs, you can ensure that OneDesk will be a comfortable addition to your working environment nest.

OneDesk is free for small organizations and individuals – free trials are open to all. Start a trial and configure your own custom software today!

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