Apps for your Customers!

Your customers need tools to help them interact with you. OneDesk lets you deploy your choice of customer-facing applications on your website: live-chat, client portal, and ticket forms.

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Live Chat

Add real-time chat to your website or intranet where you can offer live support to your customers or end-users.

Customer Portal

Provide a client portal where your end-users can log-in and see their tickets, check their status, ask questions, and more.

Web forms

Let your customers submit tickets, or other types of items from your website with our customizable web forms.

Knowledge base

Let customers help themselves by publishing answers to frequently asked questions with a couple of clicks.

Easy to Set Up on Your Website

Just paste a small snippet of JavaScript on your website to add a floating button where your customers can open the apps. Then, from within your OneDesk account administration, you can turn on the apps you want to use. You can include the Messenger (chat), the Customer Portal, and the Forms app.

Customer Apps

Support Your Customers With Live Chat

Your customers can ask questions and you can reply to them in real-time. Don’t worry about missing a message – if it’s not seen by the customer within 1 minute it is sent to them by email.

live chat messenger

Provide a Ticket Portal for Customers

Your clients can log in to their customer portal to see their tickets or other items they have submitted. Let them search, filter, see the status, ask questions, edit details, and more. It’s all configurable with just a few clicks.

Customer Support Portal

Give End-Users Forms to Submit Tickets

Create custom forms to allow your users to submit tickets straight to your OneDesk account. Permit multiple forms to capture different types of items and launch each into its own workflow, including triage, assigning, auto-replies, and more. Include custom fields to capture the info you require to ensure that your ticket flow is a streamlined process.


Knowledgebase – Let Customers Help Themselves

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce the load on your support team by publishing articles that answer your most common questions. The customer can search the knowledgebase themselves or you can link to an article and quickly deliver a detailed answer.

knowledge base

Create Stuff From Other Stuff :)

  • Create tickets from a chat conversation with 1 click.
  • Add a new visitor as a customer and invite them to the portal.
  • Transform a ticket into a task and put it into a project.
  • Transform tickets into knowledge base articles.
  • And more…
messenger conversation features

Configure the Way You Want

Make the customer apps your own with configuration options for:

  • Which apps to display.
  • The colors, icon, and text.
  • Custom messages when online or offline.
  • Multiple forms.
  • And more!
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