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Looking for a way to outshine your competitors? Start building customer engagement; this will help your business become more successful.

According to research done by the Gallup Organization, organizations that have optimized customer engagement have outperformed their competitors by 26% in gross margin and 85% in sales growth.

While customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business, customer engagement takes this one step further. Most companies aim to simply satisfy their customers, however, the ones that focus on customer engagement earn the most satisfied customers. Encouraging customer engagement shows that you care about your customer’s needs. This makes them feel more involved in the development process, therefore resulting in loyal, long-term customers.

Online customer engagement

One way which customers can engage with a company, or with other customers, is online. When customer engagement takes place online, customers can communicate and interact with each other, and with organization members, in ways that they cannot in real life. Participating in discussion forums, blogging, and instant messaging allows customers to feel like they are part of the organization’s community.

Customer engagement with OneDesk

By building customer engagement online, your organization will be able to interact with customers and find out what they really want. OneDesk offers built-in social tools which facilitate customer engagement: discussion forums, blogs, chat, idea voting, a customer feedback portal, and more. Your organization will be in constant contact with customers and have a clear insight into the market’s needs, thus strengthening your business while satisfying your customers. Start building customer engagement today by trying OneDesk out for free.

Discussions help facilitate customer engagement.

customer engagement
With OneDesk, you can ask customers for clarification about their feedback anytime.

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