Managing customer expectations in the era of social connectedness

It’s a fact. Poor service will no longer be tolerated by your customers. Increasingly, customers are going online, to interact with blogs and social networks to get a better understanding of your organization, obtain information about your product offerings, upcoming features, latest news, etc. They are also voicing their opinions more loudly and they expect your organization to be listening. The question then becomes: How does your organization manage customer expectations?

Involving your customers in product development therefore has many advantages. It enables you to develop and bring to market more targeted, successful products , while also providing you with great opportunities to develop more meaningful and mutual relationships with your customers.

These questions will help you uncover how effectively you are currently managing customer expectations:

Where are my customers right now?
What do my customers think about my products and services?
Am I managing all my customer requests efficiently?
How involved are my customers in the product development process?

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