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Spotting Customer Experience Hazards and Avoiding Pitfalls

Unhappy customers
The first sign that customers are not enjoying their experience with your company, is that they are obviously unhappy. How can you tell that they are unhappy? If customers are complaining about a certain aspect of your product or company, then that mean you have to re-think the customer experience you provide. Keep in mind that customer complaints are often the foundation of innovative transformations.

Unhappy employees
Happy customers begin with happy employees, namely, the ones who deal with your customers directly. If your employees have a low morale and are frustrated, the vibe will be passed on to the customers and they won’t be happy either. Avoid this by ensuring your employees are happy. Conduct employee satisfaction surveys and make sure you know what motivates your employees to have a positive morale.

Customer communication silos
Sometimes, customer messages (i.e complaints) get the right department at the wrong time. If your customers have to go through several methods or departments before they can communicate their messages, this will result in a less-than-successful customer experience.

Missed customer feedback
A missed customer feedback, whether it is positive or negative, is a missed customer, period. Customers speak up because they care about your business or products and want to help you improve them. By not doing your best to capture all customer feedback (and letting customers know you’ve received them) you are limiting the customer experience, as well as room for growth.

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