Customer portals encourage sharing of critical information

Customer portals are multichannel applications that easily encourage sharing of information and content between your customer and the team members in your organization. Essentially, the information gathered and analyzed from a customer portal allows companies to better aggregate insightful data that supports the production of customer centric products and services.

The many uses for customer portals include:

• Expression of ideas, suggestion and opinions about product features or concerns

• Customer support requests or inquiries

• Direct feedback about product improvements


Customer Portals facilitate customer-centricity

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, customer-centricity is a necessary for business survival and growth. The key to building and maintaining a customer-centric organization is to ensure your business strategy is designed and implemented around your customer needs and expectations. Your customers know exactly what they want. However, it can be challenging to get them to communicate with the right people in your organization and in a timely way. A customer portal on your website allows your customers to communicate their suggestions, ideas and concerns to the key individuals and teams that ultimately make the decisions for product development and service improvements. With the right tools you can increase customer interaction and engagement via the web.


The benefits of customer portals are numerous:
• Decreased operating costs: For example, the cost of telephone service support is reduced as a customer portal provides an online platform for inquiries.

• Increased customer engagement and empowerment: A customer portal provides a direct access to the organization and gives customers a greater sense of involvement and control. With customers having their own venues to express their ideas they feel they are actively participating in the development process. The feeling of empowerment increases ownership and brand loyalty.

• Products are better aligned with customer expectations: Customer portals provide data from the marketplace users of your products and allow your organization to better respond to the increasing demand to tailor products to fit unique needs. Customers now expect to able to be in control of their own content, accessing information regarding their product development process whenever, wherever and however they want. Collecting data directly via the customer portal will help to increase the relevancy of your products to the needs of your customers.

• Improved overall customer experience: Customer portals increase the frequency with which customers can interact with key people and teams. Customers feel they are taken seriously in the development process and experience less dissatisfaction when the product is delivered or launched in the marketplace.


Add OneDesk’s customer portal to your website

OneDesk’s customer portal lets you meet customer needs by allowing you to engage with customers, collect valuable insight regarding their expectations, clarify their requirements and take action on issues of concern. The customer portal is an interactive platform where customers can submit their feedback and make inquiries. They can collaborate with your people and teams, and can interact with other customers. Since information is collected and occurs in real-time you can be active in these conversations and thereby respond quickly so that time to delivery can be decreased and productivity increased.


The Customer Portal
feedback through the customer portal

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