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The social web: The new customer support hub

The social web has had a tremendous impact on the customer-organization relationship. More specifically it has changed the method in which customers communicate with organizations and how they in turn receive, manage and respond to customer service inquiries.

Providing exceptional online customer support presents many challenges to businesses:

  • Difficult to manage high volume of support inquiries through various different social channels
  • Rapidly rising and shifting customer expectations
  • Successfully engaging with customers online, at different touch points
  • Keeping a close eye on brand mentions and managing corporate reputation
  • Staying current of industry trends and knowledgeable of the competition


That being said, it becomes imperative for organizations to not only educate, and train their teams, but to also to leverage the right social tools to help employees, business partners and suppliers fully address the needs of the social customer.


Stellar customer support management with OneDesk

OneDesk’s help desk applications makes it easy for your customers to communicate their inquiries or requests using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, discussion forums and blogs. Check out this video to see how OneDesk can help you supercharge your customer support process:

Social customer support: Discovering best practices

Below are some great blogs that explore the current issues in social customer support management and shares useful best practices to help to more effectively manage the customer service process:

1. Wim Rampen’s Blog– Passionate about Customers

2. Arie Goldshlager’s posterous – My observations on Customer Strategy, Customer Lifecycle Management, Information-Based Marketing, Analytics, and Innovation

3. Brian Vellmure’s CRM Strategies Blog– Modern Day Secrets for Increasing Profitability through CRM and Social CRM Initiatives

4. Customer service in the cloud – A Community of Customer Experience Professionals

What other social customer service blogs do you recommend? Share them with us.


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