Investing in customer support software is the key to providing outstanding customer service. Whether you work in an enterprise-class organization, or for a small startup company, good customer support software helps ensure a flawless customer experience.

How to choose the right customer support software

Everyone who has shopped around for customer support software before has surely shuffled through the wide array of types. Some are simple, others more complexe. Some are affordable, while others are pricier. Does pricier mean better? Not necessarily.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when choosing customer support software:

How customizable are the features?
Some customer support software are extremely complex that your customer support team will need days of training. To not overwhelm them, customizable software is best, as you would be able to turn off features they won’t use, but keep using them yourself.

How easy is it for employees and customers to use?
It’s not always easy to answer this question, however, there is a way around it: Go for software that offer a free trial and evaluate it with your team.

Will it make our jobs easier?
Software that allow you to set up automatic workflows to minimize tasks, as well as web-based software that does not require any installation makes things easier for the whole team.

Will it bring a high level of customer satisfaction?
The best kind of customer support software not only allows you to collect customer feedback from a variety of mediums, but also helps ensure that each feedback is looked at and worked on.

What does OneDesk offer as customer support software?

OneDesk offers an easy customer support solution. It is entirely web based and customizable, thus allowing you to offer your teammates and customers a very simple solution to use. The ability to set up automatic workflows, to bring feedback in from various sources and pipe them into the development process makes OneDesk the ideal customer support software.

Watch this short video to learn more about how OneDesk makes customer support easier.

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