As I am sure most of you who are interested in this question have already discovered, you can customize the way OneDesk sends email on your behalf.

To do this, simply go to the administration settings and click on the “email” page. On this page you can change the email header and signature and the emails that OneDesk sends from your account will include these.

You can also change the “reply-to” and “noreply” email addresses on this page. These should always follow the EXACT FORMAT of

When you make these changes, the emails we send on your behalf will display these addresses as the “displayed” “from” email address. However when the customer clicks reply, the reply will be sent to our servers, so that we can capture their response and thread it into the conversation on the ticket, task or project.

You might also need to add ip4: (our dedicated IP address from to your allowed senders (SPF and DKIM settings). Sendgrid is one of our email sending providers. For SPF you will need to add “ip4:” to your SPF record. Your SPF record will look something like this: “v=spf1 +a +mx ip4: ~all”. For the DKIM settings please contact us, as the process is started from our side.

For most customers this is sufficient, but if you would like to mask the email addresses even more there are a few more things we can do.

Sending email through your mail servers

If you want to send emails using your own mail servers, for example because of specific requirements for tracking and compliance, you can configure OneDesk to use your own SMTP server. This can be done under Administration > Email > Settings > Outgoing -> check the box: “Use your own SMTP server for outgoing email” and enter your SMTP settings.

Masking the “reply-to” “” with your own “”

If when hitting reply your users do not expect/accept seeing that the email will be sent to “”, then we can replace this with a email address from your domain (“”). In this case, you would then be required to forward any responses you get back to our mail servers so that we can capture and thread them into the proper conversations.

If you need any of these advanced email masking options for your organization, we would be happy to do it. Please send us an email at and we can get you set up.

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