In OneDesk you can create a timesheet for each time you work on a task or ticket. Here’s how to customize that timesheet form.


Creating a timesheet

It’s easy to create timesheets in OneDesk. Do this by

  • Clicking “Add Timesheet” from the ticket/task details
  • Selecting “timesheet” from the “Add” menu in the top bar
  • Running and stopping a task timer

In each of these cases, the timesheet creation form will open, where you can enter the details of the work you did.


The default timesheet form

The basic form allows you to enter details for the work performed, the new %complete, the date the work was done, and more. Depending on how you invoked the form, it may already be partly filled out for you with the selected task and the work performed.

Timesheet submission form


Customizing the Timesheet form

You may find that the form asks too many questions or not enough, so you can configure some of what appears on the form. You can do this under ‘Administration > Timesheets > Internal Timesheets Creation Form’
customize your timesheets

Here the account administrator can show or hide properties on the form. They just need to toggle the switches next to each one. They can also choose whether a property is required or not.

If you turn all the optional properties off you are left with the minimal timesheet form. These properties must always be on the timesheet form for the minimum data required to be collected.
minimal timesheet form


Adding Custom Properties to the Timesheet

In OneDesk you can create custom fields and attach them to Timesheets. Do this under ‘Administration > Timesheets > Custom Fields’

See this video on creating Custom fields to learn more.

Once custom fields have been created they are available to be added to your Timesheet creation form, by simply toggling it on as per the previous step.

For example here are the steps to follow to create and add a custom property to your timesheets form.
I have created a custom field called “Billing Category” and added it to my form. Now when I submit the form I can also enter the billing category of my work.

STEP 1: Create a custom fild attached to Timesheets
billable category timesheet

STEP 2: Toggle on that field for the timesheets creation form.
unhide the property and toggle it on

STEP 3: Check out the Timesheet form
custom field on timesheet

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